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Building Relationships

Building Relationships is a weekly 54-minute radio program offering life-changing insight and realistic advice rooted in the Word of God. Hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman along with Chris and Andrea Fabry.

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Saturday, February 9
The Marriage Knot
Guest: Ron and Jody Zappia

Featured Resource: The Marriage Knot by Ron and Jody Zappia

What does it take to make a strong marriage? On this edition of Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, Ron and Jody hadn’t been married a year and their marriage was falling apart. Their struggles led to a discovery that marriage is like tying two pieces of string together. That knot has to be kept tight. They found seven choices that keep couples together. And you’ll hear about them on this featured episode.

Saturday, February 16
7 Rings of Marriage
Guest: Jackie Bledsoe

Featured Resource: The Seven Rings of Marriage by Jackie Bledsoe

Author and blogger Jackie Bledsoe says there are 7 rings of marriage. There’s the engagement ring and the wedding ring . . . but what are the other 5? On this edition of Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, hear about the struggles Jackie and his wife went through they didn’t expect. If you’re engaged or know someone who’s getting serious about marriage, listen to their story. If your marriage is struggling, don’t give up!

Saturday, February 23
Dear Gary

Featured Resource: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White

If you’re single and struggling, if someone has betrayed you, or if you have a spiritual mismatch in your marriage, don’t miss the this special edition of Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. Each month the New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages takes questions and comments from his listener line. And those are some of the topics he’ll cover this month. Don’t miss the honest questions and compassionate answers.

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