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A Love Language Minute

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Love Language Minute is a daily one-minute radio program. In a world where life is so busy that most people forget to care for their closest relationships, Gary Chapman is there to help individuals refocus and recalibrate.

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Tuesday, August 11


​If being surprised by a gift makes you feel loved, could "Surprise" be a love language? Dr. Gary Chapman says probably not. If receiving a gift that you expect doesn't make you feel loved, maybe "Gifts" isn't your love language.

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Monday, August 10

Nervous About Getting Married

Are you nervous about getting married? Dr. Gary Chapman says it could be for a variety of reasons. It just might be your personality to worry. Or it might be a legitimate red flag. If it's a red flag, don't ignore it! Premarital counseling is always the best approach.

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Friday, August 7

Houston, We Have A Problem!

A spouse separates and asks the other spouse for a divorce. What should you do? Dr. Gary Chapman says that separation doesn't always lead to a divorce. Separation may provide the opportunity for each spouse to evaluate their situation. It may lead to a restored and enriched relationship.

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Thursday, August 6

Biblical Love

​After coming off the high of emotional love, one begins to wonder if they married the right person. Dr. Gary Chapman says that's the time to search the Word and learn what true love looks like.

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Wednesday, August 5

Break From Abuse

​What do you do when your spouse is abusive? Dr. Gary Chapman suggests letting your spouse know that the next time the abuse takes place, you will leave for a period of time in order to heal emotionally.

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Tuesday, August 4

Opposite Personalities

​Will total opposite personalities of a couple spell doom for their relationship? Dr. Gary Chapman says "absolutely not"! There's a lot to be said for the old saying "opposites attract". Just be aware of your personality differences and learn ways to handle those differences.

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Monday, August 3

Quality Time Interruptions

​What do you do when your work schedule interferes with Quality Time? On A Love Language Minute, Dr. Gary Chapman suggests that both spouses must work together to creatively find time to express each other's love language.

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Friday, July 31

The Person Behind an Abusive Tongue

​Behind every abusive tongue is a person of value. As hard as that is to accept, Dr. Gary Chapman says every person is valuable to God. So focus on their worth through the eyes of Christ. You might be God's instrument for helping them to change. Challenging words on A Love Language Minute.

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Thursday, July 30

The Importance of Spiritual Compatibility

​How important is compatibility in a relationship? Dr. Gary Chapman says compatibility in core issues of life and in our spiritual walk is vital to a successful marriage. Learn more on A Love Language Minute.

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Wednesday, July 29

What Abusive Words Reveal

​What do abusive words reveal? Dr. Gary Chapman says verbal abuse reveals more about the abuser's need for self-worth than their spouse's character. His advice is to affirm the abuser but NOT the abuse! Words of wisdom on A Love Language Minute.

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Tuesday, July 28

Where Does Our Love Language Come From?

​Where does our love language come from? Dr. Gary Chapman says it's unclear; but our love language is developed very early in life. It might very well be a matter of nature vs. nurture. Learn more on the next A Love Language Minute.

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Monday, July 27

Roommate vs. An Intimate Relationship

​My marriage feels like a roommate vs. an intimate relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman says an intimate relationship requires ongoing hard work. A frank conversation that addresses this issue might be the best place to start. It's all on this edition of A Love Language Minute.

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Friday, July 24

Verbal Abuse is Warfare

​The use of abusive words is intended to inflict damage on the other person. Dr. Gary Chapman says this abuse might signal an issue of poor self-esteem in the abuser. Building up their self-esteem may bring about a positive change. Hopeful advice on A Love Language Minute.

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Thursday, July 23

Commitment to Love

​Dr. Gary Chapman says we can't necessarily change our spouse, but we should be totally committed to loving our spouse in their love language, no matter what. Learn how to be God's agent for loving your spouse on the next A Love Language Minute.

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Wednesday, July 22

A Leader's Priority List

​A loving leader puts his wife at the top of his priority list. Dr. Gary Chapman says Christ modeled this for us when He surrendered His will for the good of the Church. Husbands should do the same. Learn more on A Love Language Minute.