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A playful, engaging tool that helps couples experience love more deeply

Love Nudge™ will help you put the concepts of The 5 Love Languages® into action in ways that are easy, obvious, and satisfying.

Learn your Love Language

Take the official 5 Love Languages® quiz to discover your preferred Love Language.

Connect with your partner

Use the app individually or invite your partner to download, take the quiz, and link profiles.

Set your goals

Set goals to regularly take on activities that align with your partner’s Love Language.

Send a nudge

Start nudging! Send your partner a playful nudge to suggest activities or to find out how full their Love Tank is.

Version 4 available now!

Love in Every Language
The principles of The 5 Love Languages® are fascinating! You might be surprised to discover that you and your partner give and receive love in very different ways.
Confidently Grow Closer
Growing closer can be fun! The wisdom of The 5 Love Languages® will equip you to keep falling in love over and over again.
Become a Better You
When you improve your relationships, you improve your life. Watch as the skills you gain from The 5 Love Languages® empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Simple Setup

Love Nudge™ is fast, easy, and completely free!

Profile Quiz

Learn to communicate using The 5 Love Languages®

Partner Link

Link your app to your partners for extra features.

Custom Goals

Create goals that speak to your partner’s Love Language.

Send Nudges

Send your partner a message or a recommendation.


Completing activities will build healthy habits.
"Love this app! I like the breakdown of percentages with Love Language results and the ability to take the quiz from within the app. The goal suggestions are great! Especially if you have a hard time coming up with ways to speak your spouse’s love language."
eroberts3 - iOS App Store
"I love the books and now the app completes the package. If you're serious about improving or maintaining your relationship, this app is great."
Tyshon - Google Play Store
"Love what this app does for couples. I highly recommend it to anyone hoping to strengthen their relationship or marriage. 5 stars, easy!!"
Nikki - Google Play Store
"Beautiful design! I've learned so much about not only myself, but my husband as well. I love the idea of setting concrete actions to show your partner love in their language."
Natalie - Google Play Store

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