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The Marriage Turnaround

On last week’s Building Relationships…

Are you a hard worker? How about in your marriage?  This week we learned that the key to the turning your marriage around is a willingness to work!

Dr. Chapman and guest Mitch Temple, Director of the Marriage Department at Focus on the Family, give their insight into how to keep struggling marriages alive.  And not just that make it thrive.

In his counseling office, Mitch noticed certain patterns of attitudes and thinking within failing marriages. He discusses common marriage myths, and how changing your attitude can change your marriage.

Mitch gives a fresh perspective to the myopic marriage. The tips in his new book, The Marriage Turnaround, can help resuscitate a dying marriage. This book teaches a couple how to end their destructive patterns and practices–to discard the old myths and embrace new truths.

Blog for Books!

Congratulations to Christy, our February Blog for Books contest winner! Christy won a copy of Dr. Chapman’s new book, The Family You’ve Always Wanted. To find out more about our winner, take a look at her blog:

We will choose a new winner next month– be sure to comment often on blog posts to increase your chances to win.

A Valentines Precursor!

On last week’s Building Relationships

A Valentine’s Precursor!

In last week’s broadcast Gary and the Fabry’s discuss some great ideas for what you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We also heard from last year’s Valentine’s Day Contest winner, Megan, and her husband Chris.

Michael Catt, executive producer of the film Fireproof, discussed the effect that he has seen the movie have and the value of the Love Dare, a book born out of the film.

(Check out the January 31st Broadcast for an extended interview with Michael)

Have you seen FIreproof? Tell us what you thought.

God's People in Hard Times

On this past week’s Building Relationships

Every week Dr. Gary Chapman hosts his program with co-hosts Chris and Andrea Fabry.

Andrea Fabry shared the difficulty that she and Chris have had dealing with their Children’s sickness. Having been exposed to mold in their Colorado home for a prolonged time, the children have needed to see a specialist to receive treatments. So the children get well as soon as possible, Andrea has temporarily moved with five of the kids to Arizona.

The Fabry’s found this message from Gary particularly encouraging for this time, in their lives. [download show]

Follow along with the outline below.

Dr. Chapman centers his message in 1 Corinthians 4:8-16. He makes the following observations:

1. When we go through hard times, we are on display in God’s arena.

2. Not all of us suffer at the same time.

3. Hard times are not just inconveniences. Hard times are desperate times.

i. When you are sick, hungry, thirsty, or homeless

ii. When your marriage is on the brink of divorce

iii. When you’re emotionally harmed in relationships

4. How should we respond to hard times?

i. Work

ii. Return good for evil

iii. Follow the example of Jesus

Application Prayer Points:

1. Confess and ask for forgiveness about our complaints because they’re wrong.

2. Ask for a fresh vision that reminds us that we are on God’s stage.

3. Show me what I can do to work out of these hard times, and be obedient.

4. Fill me with the Spirit of Christ so that I can return good for evil.

5. Let my life reflect the attitude of Christ to be an example.

Hard times come, and at times it seems like they will never leave. Whether it be sickness, marital distress, or loss of a job, difficulty in life is inevitable. Praise God that we have the body of Christ around us to encourage each other, and help each other through these hard times. But, even more so we have the help of God Himself. We can find comfort in Him, whose stage we are on, and be encouraged that that we are one of the characters in His cosmic drama.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the same comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

Have you found comfort in God? Your story may comfort others:

Can you relate to the hard times that Gary was talking about? In what ways has God shown Himself faithful to help you get through these times?

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