Q&A: Spending Quality Time During Long Distance Relationships

Q: Gary, I’m in a long distance relationship, how can I show quality time while apart?

Gary: I have found that that question arises often with military couples when one is deployed, but in today’s world of technology, it’s much easier to spend quality time than ever before. There’s Facetime and Skype where you can look at them when you’re talking to them, actually have a face to face conversation. You can also read a book together. Read the same chapter that week and then talk on the phone, email, or connect however you prefer. You can discuss what you learned in the chapter so it gives focus to your quality time.

I think there are many wonderful things you can do now with technology so when you’re apart you can still have extended conversations. But you still want to make them as meaningful as you can and often you can do that when you focus on a particular topic when you are talking or emailing.