Q&A: Has God Selected The Person You Should Marry?

Q: “I hear all the time about how God has someone selected for me and I just need to wait for her. You don’t really address this in you books. Thoughts?”

Gary Chapman: Christians look at this in different ways. Some believe that God has one individual picked out for you and He wants to lead the two of you together. Others feel like this falls into the kinds of categories in life such as giving us the choice as to which shirt we will wear today. He hasn’t predestined that you wear a particular kind of shirt and leaves that choice up to you. Both of these views are Christian because they both recognize that God is active in our lives and if we are seeking His guidance that He is faithful to guide us. That’s the important thing. I think you may find it interesting to look at Genesis 24 and look for the principles that God used to lead Abraham’s servant to find a bride for Isaac. I think those same principle apply to our lives today.