Q&A: Is there a 5 Love Languages for Children?

Q: At what age do you recommend that a child should read The 5 Love Languages of Children?

A: The book by that title, The 5 Love Languages of Children, is really written for the parent. It’s trying to help the parent learn the concept and apply it to the child—that is discover the love language of the child and learn to speak that language fluently. I did, however, write a book recently called A Perfect Pet for Peyton. It is  written to children—ages 4-12. It’s a storybook with a lot of color, activities, and can even be enhanced with a free  iOS app.  Children love it and want to read it over and over again.

A Perfect Pet for Peyton is a wonderful resource that helps children understand the concept that Mommy has a love language, Daddy has a love language, Brother has a love language, Sister has a love language, and in our family we are learning how to speak each others love language. Additionally, once your child understands these concepts, they will be better equipped to succeed in future relationships.