Q&A: Are There Only Five Love Languages?

Q: What is the best way for my husband and I to help a couple from church who are in the process of getting divorced?


A: I’m often asked this question and I’m not dogmatic to say there are only five. I will say, that now that the book has been out for 20 years and translated in forty-nine languages around the world, no one has come back to give me a 6th. Now some have said such things as, “I think the 6th love languages is chocolate!” I say, if they bought it, it’s a gift and if they made it, it’s an act of service. One wife said that shopping is a 6th love lanauge. I told her that it sounds an awful lot like quality time to me. You want your husband to be with you enjoying something that you enjoy doing. So maybe there are other languages but I think the current five are rather fundamental to human nature.