Q&A: Wedding Budget How Much Is Too Much?

Q: My fiancée and I are at odds over our upcoming wedding budget. We don’t have much to work with, but she is willing to go into debt. How much is too much?

A: In our culture, we’ve tended to exult the wedding and minimize the wedding. The marriage is far  more important than the wedding. The wedding is one moment and one day. The marriage is for a life time. I would say, don’t ignore the dream and desire of your bride to have a beautiful wedding. But talk with her and perhaps some of her friends about how they can cut down the cost of the wedding. Many times friends are willing to pitch in to help you with the wedding. You want it to be nice to be sure but I don’t think you ought to go greatly in debt. It’s far better to spend your time and money preparing for marriage rather than simply for the wedding.