Q&A: Thoughts And Feelings From Past Relationships

Q: I’m having a hard time separating from thoughts and feelings from past relationships. I’m dating seriously now and want to be able to focus solely on her.

A: This a common problem. Everything we’ve experienced in the past is recorded in our brain. And when we’ve had intimate relationships in the past, sometimes even involving sexual activity, all those memories are still in the mind and they come back from time to time.

So, what I suggest is this: you take those things to God and say, “Lord you know what I’m remembering and you know how troubling it is to me. Would you let the blood of Christ flow over those past memories so that they are not so sharp in my mind, so that they become dull in my mind, and I can focus on the relationship that I”m in now.”

There has to be healing in those memories before we can go forward.