Q&A: How Do I Show Appreciation To My Fiancé?

QHow do I show appreciation to my finance? He does a lot of great things for me but says I don’t SHOW that I appreciate him.

A: I think this is a common problem in relationships; One person will do something to express their love for the other person but they don’t get the response they thought they would get. Maybe he buys a gift and thinks, “she’s going to really like this” and she says, “Oh thank you” and that’s it, but he thought she would be jumping up and down with excitement. I think a part of the problem is not understanding the other person’s love language. He’s speaking to you in one language and apparently you’re hearing that because you’re observing that he’s doing a lot of good things for you. I would say, take the Love Language quiz and discuss it with each other. I think you’ll find it to be helpful.