Q&A: Are Your Conferences Only For Married Couples?

Q: Are your conferences only for married couples?

We announce them as The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted. Obviously people who are married had a vision of what that marriage would be like, and so the conferences are designed to help them. But the reality is that we have many single adults and a number of engaged couples who come to the seminars. The singles say, “You know, I’ve seen so many of my friends fail in marriage and I don’t want to fail. I want to learn what I can about marriage before I get married. And then I had a young engaged couple say to me the other day, “You know, we are so glad we came to this. A friend shared it with us so we wanted to give it a try. We have learned so much and it’ll help us get off to a good start in our marriage.” So really it’s for anyone who wants to learn about marriage.