Q&A: My Boyfriend Can't Make Decisions

Q: I seriously question the leadership abilities of my boyfriend. He is never able to make a decision. Should I commit to someone like this?

A: I think you’re very wise to be asking the question. That’s what dating is all about in my opinion—deciding whether or not this is the kind of person I should be marrying. What you’re identifying is a definite weakness in a realtionship. The person that has trouble making decisions is going to be hard to live with. And if you make decisions, and it turns out to be what they consider to be the wrong decision, then it’s your fault. You see, often the person who doesn’t want to make decisions doesn’t want to take responsibility, and that’s why they prefer not to make the decision.

I think this could be a deal breaker and that you need to think about it. I suggest reading my book, Things I Wish We’d Known Before We Got Married because I think it’ll help you make the decision to marry or not to marry.