Q&A: Is It Too Late To Repair The Relationship?

Q: I left my husband 2 years ago, but still love him. Is it too late to repair the relationship?

A: In my opinion, it is never to late to seek to restore a relationship as long as the other person has not remarried. So, if he is unattached it’s not too late. I would suggest that you make contact with him, maybe invite him to dinner. If he comes at least there’s an opportunity to sit down and talk. Share your heart, share your desires and ask him if he thinks there is a possibility. If so, then begin a dating relationship: go to movies, take walks, do anything that the two of you enjoy doing together. Bit by bit, begin to surface the things that led to your separation and talk about how you might do those differently if you got back together. It’s a process but I think reconciliation is always possible.