Q&A: Speaking Acts Of Service

Q: How do I speak Acts of Service to my boyfriend who lives at a distance?

A: Well my question would be: How do you express Acts of Service to your boyfriend when you are together. Obviously, it depends on the individual couple. But if you are living in the same town, for example, do you cook meals for him, iron his shirts, or do his laundry? Those are the kinds of things that would give you a clue as to what you might do when you’re at a distance. For example, if you helped him wash the car on Saturdays, and that was the way you spoke love by acts of service, then to say to him when he is at a distance, “You know if I were with you today, I’d be washing the car with you,” or “I’m sitting here thinking about washing the car with you and how much fun that was and how much I loved that.” So what you do is verbalize to them what you would do if you were with them and how much you enjoyed it when you were together.