Q&A: I don't want to be a stay-at-home-dad anymore. Can you help?

Q: I’m starting to regret my decision to be a full-time stay-at-home dad. My wife works very hard but my gift is really not staying home with the kids. Advice?

A: This is a role that many wives have struggled with in the past. They stay home with the children and, because they have been taught that if they are not out there in a vocation then they are not doing anything significant. So, they feel their life isn’t significant. However, there’s nothing more important than raising and influencing children, and bringing them up to know and walk with God.

I’m not telling you what to do. However, I am telling you to accept the importance of the role of working with your children. Discuss this with your wife. Perhaps you’re at a stage where you need to make a change in this. Your situation doesn’t have to be a life long set up where you stay at home and she works.