Q&A: I'm attracted to a woman at work who is not my wife. How do I deal with this?

Q: I work with a woman, who is not my wife but who I find attractive. How do I deal with this everyday when I know it’s dangerous?

A: The short answer is quit your job and find another job—I know that in today’s culture, that’s probably not realistic. However, that’s how serious this is. When you’re attracted to a person you work with every day, you’re setting yourself up for that moment of failure in which your eyes lock, you grab each other and kiss and then it’s started—it goes down hill from there. It’s worth whatever you have to do not to move in that direction. You do not want to destroy your marriage, disillusion your children and bring shame on the cause of Christ. If it does mean leaving the job and finding another job, it’s worth it.