Q&A: As a single Christian, how can I build friendships in my church?

Question: As a never-married Christian man with no children, how can I build healthy and enjoyable friendships with other people who are married?Quite often I get excluded from both public and private church fellowship activities.

Answer: I would suggest you take the initiative. You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself at home–no body calls you nobody invites you. Or, you can create things for yourself and for others. You need to build friendships with singles but you also need to have friendships with married individuals. So if you hear something announced at church, if they don’t say that it’s only four couples, I would say sign up for it even though you’re single. Go there, you’ll meet some people you may even start a friendship.

Then, you plan things for the single adults in your church. Let them know that there are others like them who want to be engaged. You can be the change agent.