Q&A: Should I break up with my fiancé?

Question: My fiancé always checks out girls while he is with me. I feel like I am disappearing and feel very insulted. Should I break up the relationship?

Answer: Perhaps! It all depends on how he responds when you share your feelings with him. I assume you have shared your feelings. If not, you need to do so. He will not know that you feel insulted if you do not tell him. If he responds: “It’s no big deal. It’s just something I do. It doesn’t mean anything to me.” Then tell him that it is a big deal with you. Tell him that you cannot marry a man who has eyes for other women.

If he tries to put you down. Then tell him that you are not going to marry him without pre-marital counseling. Stick to that decision. Then, make sure this issue is raised in the counseling sessions. A counselor can help both of you discover what is appropriate and inappropriate. It is worth postponing the wedding date to resolve this issue. If you can’t get the problem solved, then my advice is to break off the engagement.