Q&A: How do we keep our love tanks full while he is deployed?

Question: My husband and I have the same love languages: quality time and physical touch top the list for both of us. What are some things we can do to keep our love tanks full while he is deployed?

Answer: The good news is that all five love languages can be spoken long-distance. I know you are thinking how can we speak the language of  physical touch when we are half a world away? Well, obviously you cannot literally touch each other. However if you send him an e-mail and say, “If I were with you I’d give you a hug and kiss you would never forget.”  He will get it emotionally. You are loving him by expressing your intent to touch him.

What about quality time? If he writes you a letter—the old fashioned kind, with paper and pen—and in that letter he tells you something of what is going on in his world and in his mind; he tells you how much he loves you and misses you, then you will ‘get it’. You know that to write that letter took time and thought. You hold in your hand the paper that was in his hand. It’s not the same as talking over dinner, but it communicates love. Yes, you can love long-distance.