Q&A: Am I still in love once the "tingles" are gone?

Question: I am in a dating relationship which has moved out of the “tingly” love stage. How do I know that I am still in love with this person as we transition into the love languages stage?

Answer: Actually, you are far more likely to make a wise decision about marriage if you have dated long enough for the “tingles” to subside. When we are in the euphoric state of love, we see everything through rose colored glasses. The person seems to be perfect in every way. When we come down off the emotional high we can see each other more realistically. Now you are ready to ask the questions:

What do we like about each other? What do we find irritating? How can we solve the irritations?

Learning to speak each others’ love language keeps emotional warmth in the relationship while you discuss these issues. You will not return to the euphoric state, but your love is now much more intentional. The ‘tingles’ are temporary. True love is open to discussion and negotiation. A successful marriage is based on ‘true love’, not on the ‘tingles’.