Q&A: Making the best of Valentine’s Day

Question: Why do we need Valentine’s Day to remind us to love each other? Shouldn’t we be loving each other every day?

Answer: Well, Yes! But why not make the most of a day our culture has set aside to celebrate love? I wish we had a Valentine’s Day every month. Or, maybe every week. But if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, then just practice what you preach. Do something every day to love your spouse. But don’t omit February 14th, just because everyone else has joined your team.

And, by the way, make sure you are speaking your spouse’s love language. Don’t assume that what makes you feel loved will make them feel loved. My book, The 5 Love Languages has helped millions of couples learn how to love effectively. Don’t give her chocolates, when what she really wants is for you to clean the garage. Speaking the right language can make or break Valentine’s Day.

Consider taking the Love Language Challenge this Valentine’s Day. It’s basically a jumpstart for the heart.  Click here for details.