Q&A: Is there a reason my girlfriend broke up with me?

Question: After four years of dating, my girlfriend broke up with me. She said her heart was yearning for another guy she met one week ago. Is there a reason for her sudden change of heart?

Answer: Yes, I don’t know what it is, but there is a reason. Perhaps she has been unhappy in the relationship for some time, but did not make a move to break up until she met someone else to whom she was attracted. The high emotions of the “in love” experience usually last around 2 years. If the couple does not learn to speak each other’s love language, then the emotional love tank gets empty.

Then, they are prime prospects for another relationship.

That is why in my book, The Five Love languages: Singles Edition I encourage dating couples to learn how to speak each others’ love language. When this is done, you keep warm emotions alive and can make an intelligent decision as to whether you should move to marriage. Often couples break up simply because the emotions are gone, and never get around to looking at the more important issues. I doubt she’ll come back, but try to learn from this experience.