Q&A: How do I handle my child’s unruly behavior?

Question: I love my 8 year old son, but his behavior sometimes drives me to insanity. Any suggestions?

Answer: Well, as a parent, I can identify with the frustration. I do have one suggestion: make sure your son feels loved.  I know that you love him. That is not the question. The question is does your son feel loved? Sincerity is not enough. The deepest emotional need a child has is to feel loved by the parents. When that need is unmet, children often experience anger which shows up in their behavior.

Dr. Ross Campbell and I wrote a book that has just been updated and released called The Five Love Languages of Children. It shares information on how to identify a child’s primary love language and how speaking this language interfaces with the child’s anger, learning , and with discipline. Many parents have shared that when they started speaking their child’s love language they saw a dramatic change in the child’s behavior.