Q&A: A Husband’s Comments About Other Women

Q: We are a newlywed couple. My husband jokes about good-looking women in front of me. I am offended. He says, “it doesn’t mean anything.” I’m having serious jealousy issues. What should I do?

Answer:  You may both be right. It may not ‘mean anything’ to him. But, you are hurt and jealous.  Those would be normal feelings. Many men make comments about ‘good looking women.’  When a man is single, these comments are most often made to other men. However, not many women want to hear such comments from their husbands. In fact, I don’t know any women that welcome such comments.

So, tell him that you find that offensive. Remind him that he is married, and that you are not ‘one of the boys.’ Give him a little slack. It takes a while to break old habits. But whatever you do, don’t accept these comments as appropriate. You are newly married and this is the time to ‘set the record straight’ that such comments are not acceptable. Also, be open to his requests for changes in your speech or behavior. This is a normal part of early marital adjustments.