Q&A: Are there any books for couples who both have divorced parents?

Question: Do you have any book recommendations for Christian couples who are both products of divorce? We want to create a family life that we were not given.

Answer: Thank God for the thousands of couples who have this desire. Their parents divorced, and they don’t want their children to go through the pain that they experienced when they were children. I do believe that God can help you accomplish this goal. The key is to get a clear picture of what a healthy family looks like.

I spell this out in my book: The Family You’ve Always Wanted. I give the five fundamentals of a healthy family: An attitude of service, intimacy in the marriage, p[arents who teach and train, children who obey and honor parents, and husbands who are loving leaders. The book is filled with practical ideas on how to build such a family.

With God’s help you don’t have to repeat the pattern of your parents.