The Loving Leader

For some, the words “loving” and “leader” are anomalies; some people cannot conceive of the two concepts working in tandem. Their idea of leadership is the authoritarian dictator who rules with an iron fist, and their concept of love is mushy and weak. But in the Bible, the husband fits neither of these stereotypes. On the one hand, he is in touch with his feelings and is able to express both pain and joy, sympathy and encouragement. He is able to relate to his wife on an emotional level.

On the other hand, he is strong and dependable, feeling a sense of responsibility for the well-being of his wife and family. He does not run when things get tough but looks for solutions that will benefit the whole family. He is a leader to be sure, but he does not lead in isolation. He values the partnership with his wife; he wants to be there for her, but he has no desire to dominate her. This is the husband as loving leader.