Q&A: How can I support my husband while he looks for a new job?

Question: This has been a hard year for us financially. My husband lost his job. He’s been looking, but nothing has opened up. He is beginning to get discouraged. How can I help him keep a positive attitude?

Answer: This is a situation with which many can identify. I’d like to suggest three things. Number One, speak your husband’s love language. The deepest emotional need we have is the need to feel loved. When your husband’s love tank is full, life is much easier to process. He may not have a job, but if he has you, and feels that you really love him, he can go on looking with a positive attitude.

Second, I suggest that you look for volunteer jobs at your church or in your community where you and your husband can volunteer to help others. Getting involved in doing something worthwhile is a big deterrent to getting depressed. Often it is in the context of volunteering that you make new friends and sometimes even find a new job opportunity.

Third, ask your friends to pray for you. That’s what friendship is all about. Don’t walk alone.