Asking for God’s Help in Your Marriage

If you want to improve your marriage, are you open to trying the radical teachings of Jesus?

The first step is get alone with God and pray this prayer: “Lord, you know what I live with, and you know how I’ve been treated. But I know that I’m not perfect and what I want to know is where am I am failing in my marriage. What am I doing and saying that I shouldn’t? What am I failing to do and say that I should?” That is a prayer that God will answer. He will show you your failures. I suggest that you write them down as God brings them to your mind:

  1. I was not kind last night. I was harsh and cutting with my words.
  2. I have been withdrawing lately. Not willing to talk or express interest in his life.
  3. I’ve been acting like God is dead and hope is gone.

Write them down and confess them to God. ‘Lord, I know that these are wrong. I confess them to you. Thank you that Christ has paid for these sins. I ask for your forgiveness.” According to scripture, the moment you ask, you are FORGIVEN. Thank God for His forgiveness. “Now Lord, help me to do something good with my life today.” Friend, you have taken the first step in improving your marriage.