The 5 Love Languages®

Falling in love is easy, but maintaining healthy relationships is a lifelong pursuit. Once you understand “love languages,” you’ll be able to nurture not only a romantic relationship, but also casual, business, and familial relationships effectually. With more 8 million copies sold, Dr. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages will help you succeed in having joyful, enduring relationships.

The 5 Love Languages Military Edition

Civilian marriage is hard enough. But imagine marriage when you're separated by thousands of miles, when one of you daily faces the dangers of combat and the other shoulders the full burden of homefront duties. Husbands and wives in all five branches of the military need a special resource to help them navigate marriage in the midst of it all. Enter The 5 Love Languages Military Edition.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

If your employees do not feel appreciated, they are probably not performing at their greatest potential and may not stay at your company long. In The 5 Love Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, Dr. Chapman and Dr. White will help you identify and appropriately implement the 5 languages of appreciation in order to express genuine appreciation, increase loyalty, and create a more positive work environment.

Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married

Bestselling author and marriage counselor, Dr. Gary Chapman, believes that divorce results from the lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to work together as intimate teammates. Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married is packed with wisdom for developing a loving, supportive marriage. By applying these topics, couples can experience a healthier, lasting relationship.

The 5 Love Languages of Children

In The 5 Love Languages of Children, Drs. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell M.D. have applied the innovative system of the 5 love languages to children. This easy-to-read resource gives practical suggestions for understanding how your child gives, receives, and interprets love, helping you to interact with their behavior and development healthily.

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers

Teens and parents often speak different languages—but the challenge goes beyond jargon and teen slang. Teens also develop strong love languages too, often without the ability to control or express their feelings. Dr. Chapman's trusted Love Language approach will assist you in guiding today's teen to effective emotional communication.

God Speaks Your Love Language

What could be more important than to love and to be loved by God? Perhaps the love of God is something you know in your head, but understanding how your love language applies to your relationship with God will help you feel the love in a fresh new way. When you see that God speaks your love language, you'll tap into an eternal source of love and fulfillment.

Happily Ever After

In Happily Ever After, Gary Chapman, the man “who wrote the book” on how to communicate with your spouse, shows couples how to successfully navigate the six most common problems that couples face: fighting fair, negotiating change, managing money, getting along with your in-laws, raising kids, and maintaining a healthy sex life.

The 4 Seasons of Marriage

Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the perennial best seller The 5 Love Languages, provides an easy-to-grasp framework to help couples understand their marriage and seven practical strategies for strengthening or improving their marriage relationship.

It Happens Every Spring

Meet the characters that live, work, dream, and love in the community of Deepwater Cove. Best-selling authors Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer team up to show how four married couples, all in different stages in life, experience the joys and hardships of marriage as examined in Gary Chapman's The Four Seasons of Marriage.

Summer Breeze

In book two of this fiction series based on the best-selling non-fiction book The Four Seasons of Marriage, readers continue to be shown how four married couples, all in different stages in life, experience the joys and hardships of marriage.

Falling for You Again

Charlie and Esther Moore have been married nearly fifty years when the contented life they've built together begins to crumble. The couple must come to terms with all the paths their lives have not taken if they ever hope to pull their marriage out of winter. As always, the quirky characters of Deepwater Cove will pop in and out of the story and delight readers. This is the third book in a new fiction series from best-selling authors Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer, based on the marriage principles found in Gary Chapman's nonfiction book The Four Seasons of Marriage.

Winter Turns to Spring

This book, the fourth and final of a fiction series based on Gary Chapman's The Four Seasons of Marriage, will focus on Brad and Ashley Hanes, young newlyweds who are facing their first season of winter. It will take a whole lot of help—mostly from their nosy but well-meaning neighbors—for Ashley and Brad to pull their marriage out of the winter blues and into a hopeful spring.

Now You’re Speaking My Language

Now You’re Speaking My Language from multimillion selling author Gary Chapman (The 5 Love Languages) encourages husbands and wives to offer steadfast loyalty, forgiveness, empathy, and commitment to resolving conflict, thus encouraging each other in spiritual growth.

Love is a Verb

New York Times bestselling author of Dr. Gary Chapman is a nationally recognized marriage counselor. Love is a Verb demonstrates his ability to communicate powerfully in this area with a compilation of true stories displaying love in action. Each story includes a "Love Lesson," showing readers how they can apply the same principles to their own relationships.

Love as a Way of Life

What does a love-driven life look like–not just in marriage, but in friendships, at work, in the church, and in business relationships? In Love as a Way of Life, relationship expert Gary Chapman shows how genuine love can direct your interactions with other people, leading to positive change in their lives and yours.

A Marriage Carol

Marlee and Jacob, married for twenty years, are headed to the lawyer’s office on a snowy Christmas Eve. Their marriage is over. When Jacob takes a shortcut on a back road they have an accident. When she awakes, Marlee finds Jacob gone. Her search for him leads her on a journey that will test how she views her lifelong love.